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Sober to Super

Re-invent your life's pursuit with clarity and realize new prosperity

You got sober, NOW WHAT? Should you start a new career? Get healthier?
Make more money? 

You have no AIM and without AIM, you remain STUCK

Aimlessness is the problem.



You decide there is more to life than just being sober and you're ready for more but....​

  • I'm too old to start a new career

  • Learning these new skills is overwhelming

  • I can't keep up with how fast everything is changing, I should just settle

  • I missed my chance.  It's too late for me

  • Sure, other people can make that kind of money but they don't know my past.   

  • It sounds nice, but I don't know where to start.

  • I have already wasted so much money.  It's not possible.

Through each stage in the Sober to Super process skills, mindset, ability, and confidence are polished and improved.


 Imagine waking up every day and knowing where to begin.  Knowing where you are headed and the future is brighter and bigger than you ever thought was possible. 


Most importantly, you will be locked, loaded, and aimed at your desired future. 

The Sober to
Super Process

  1. Purpose Audit

    • Define you excitement​

  2. Goal Orientation

    • Embrace Ideal Challenges​

  3. Observe and Record

    • Observe Actions to Map Improvements​

  4. Create Belief

    • Making it possible​

  5. Time Perspective

    • Get Appropriate with the Future​

  6. Familiar with Failure

    • Become a Winning Machine​

  7. Improved Iteration

    • Run it Back to Be Better​

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This Process Has Inspired the Results Below


Facebook Followers


Best selling book in the Alcoholism Genre


Body Fat Achievement in 9 months


Income in 4 years

Introducing the Sober to Super Course

7 Stage System for a comprehensive improvement process

6+ hours of Video content and Growing

Proprietary Framework

Interactive Prompts and downloadable worksheets

Personal E-mail Support

Lifetime Access For Perpetual Growth


Sober To Super
Lifetime Access to Video Content
Purpose Addict
AMA (Ask Me Anything) Email Access
Free signed copy of "Man Up, Sober Up."
Total Retail Value
One Time Offer


One full hour coaching session call
Appearance on the "Next Fix" Podcast available to 4 slots per month. ACT FAST
New Retail Value
One Time Offer

So what are your options?

  • Settle for just being sober.  Remain safe and exactly where you are at.  Meanwhile, that question in your mind if there is more doesn't need to be answered, right?

  • Achieve another level in life your own way.  But why haven't you done that already?  If you don't choose the resources I'm offering than you have everything you need.  Yet, a higher quality of life seems so distant.

  • Use the shotgun approach.  Guess blindly at your next move.  It will happen eventually.  What do you think, another 10 years? 

Think what life will end up like if you don't develop an aim now. I get it.  Sometimes the devil that you know is better than the one you don't.  But if you stay where you are and settle for less than you're capable of, it will be months and maybe years of the "should of, would of" feeling of less than.  Being aimless leaves you on the hamster wheel of mediocrity.​

Why not figure out if the feeling of more is meant for you?

Or you can embrace ideal Challenges, win fast, and craft a new identity by choosing the Sober to Super System.

  • Is it worth it?
    Yes.  What you get out of just one iteration of the system will result in real results in the quality of your life.  
  • How long will it take to reinvent myself?
    As long as it takes, but the change will begin as little as 3 days into the system implementation
  • What If I want my money back?
    Ryan Penley created this and is responsible for your satisfaction of this purchase.  If you aren't 100% refund.
  • Is there more available than just this course?
    Yes.  Coaching is available to solidify results and speed up your reinvention

I got sober, Now What?

This question haunted me.  I felt like I could finally breathe at about a year of sobriety.  But I still had a shitty job.  I was single AF!  I was rather fat.  The list goes on for a mediocre existence.  I was pretty clueless.  I felt like I was too old.  Success wasn't for me.  Then I got a taste. Tiny wins turned into insane growth really fast. 

My belief grew and the wins stacked up faster and faster.  Here is one thing that was clear as soon as I got sober.  It is our responsibility, as people, to help others in circumstances (bad ones) that we are familiar with. 


So, here it is, Sober to Super.  My best effort in helping people I believe I'm uniquely qualified to help.   

DALL·E 2024-07-15 04.52.18 - A man stands in front of a steamed-up bathroom mirror, wiping

Hi, I'm Ryan Penley

I'm your sober friend,
I can help you reinvent yourself

At first, I thought, "thank God I'm sober." But then I wondered if there was more for me. I asked myself, "could I actually become successful after being such a loser?"I spent too many hours sitting in bars and hungover, but now I was still wasting hours not progressing, remaining idle, and not adding value to anything.  Especially for myself or my family.

As I navigated the path of purpose, it became clearer to me what was next.  Each chapter revealing itself to me as I progressed.  The result of the journey, that I'm still on, was a process.  The process enabled me to move faster, overcome uncertainty, conquer doubt, and reach new levels of life.  It's my responsibility to share this process. Thus, this program.

In the last 5 years of Sobriety. I have published a book about sobriety, Started a podcast for recovering addicts, had my first born child, got married and generated an income of more than 4X what it was 4 years ago.

You have an Addictive personality, right?. Let's get addicted to something that works and makes you valuable

Join our Free 21-Day Sobriety & Fitness Challenge Now!

Stop living life with your hands tied behind your back.  There is no reason you can't be more, now!

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